Angela Roquet

Dark Fantasy. Dirty Humor. Dangerous Romance.

USA Today bestselling author Angela Roquet is a great big weirdo. She lives in Missouri with her husband and son in a house stuffed with books, toys, skulls, owls, and glitter-speckled craft supplies. Angela is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, as well as the Four Horsemen of the Bookocalypse, her epic book critique group, where she's known as Death. When not swearing at the keyboard, she enjoys boating with her family at Lake of the Ozarks and reading books that raise eyebrows.

Email: [email protected]

Angela Roquet, P.O. Box 1802, Lake Ozark, MO 65049


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"Charming and hilarious...Sookie and Betsy have some competition!"
- MaryJanice Davidson, New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author

"Roquet breathes new life into death with the debut of her Reapers Inc. urban fantasy series. The blending of cultures and traditions is handled respectfully, with more than a touch of humor mixed in with hints of romance of mystery. The setting is rich and varied with a little something for fans of several different genres."
- Publishers Weekly (BookLife)

"Darkly comic and wildly imaginative. Angela Roquet gives us an afterlife we've never seen before."
- Kimberly Frost, author of the Southern Witch Series

“Graveyard Shift is an impressive feat of imagination built on a broad knowledge of world religion. It's also great fun! No small accomplishment.”
- Christine Wicker, Best-Selling Author of Not in Kansas Anymore: The Curious Tale of How Magic is Transforming America

"If you enjoy Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance or even Mystery, I really think you'll love Angela's books. LANA HARVEY, REAPERS INC is fabulous!"
- Literal Addiction

"Graveyard Shift is sacrilicious. Roquet's first book in the Reapers Inc. series will be a huge hit with fans of authors like J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman. I look forward to getting my hands on the rest of the series."
- Lance Carbuncle, Author of Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked and Spewed

“I love sci-fi and fantasy. Horror is also one of my favorite genres. I have had a lifelong love of mythology in all it many varied forms. It is rare to find a book that combines more than two of those with both a joyous wickedness and intelligence. Angela Roquet has managed it beautifully in her novel Graveyard Shift. She has artfully woven many different religions and mythologies into a believable afterlife.”
- D.E. Cook, author of the Cat Quinn series

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is your last name pronounced?
A: row-KAY. It's French, like croquet and bouquet. Rhymes with okay.

Q: Where can I get a signed book or one of those cool beer glasses I keep seeing?
A: All available goods in the online store can now be found on the SHOP page. You can find additional themed merch in the Limbo City Gift Shop on CafePress, though we do not personally manage those items.

Q: Will you come to my local bookstore to do a signing?
A: I really, really wish I could be everywhere my readers are. I love meeting you guys! But, sadly, travel is expensive, so I can only manage a few events per year. Check out the EVENTS page to see where I'll be heading next. ***If you have a book club and a good relationship with your local bookstore, please feel free to inquire with them about arranging a signing. If a bookstore manager decides there is enough local interest and contacts me, I am more likely to consider adding an extra trip to my schedule.

Q: How did you get published?
A: I read a zillion books, magazines, and blogs about getting published. Tried my hand at the traditional route. Had an agent for a hot minute. Decided starting the search all over again was just too daunting. Read a zillion more books, magazines, and blogs about how to self-publish. Gave that a try. Success! I'm not opposed to the idea of traditional publishing, but a deal would have to be pretty sweet for me to stop doing what's been working so well for me for so many years now. If you're looking for more information on the publishing landscape, I recommend checking out Writer's Digest. Their website and magazine are both full of awesomeness that will get your quest off to a great start.

Q: Will you read and edit/critique/review my book?
A: I used to do a lot of this for anyone who asked. Now, there's just not enough hours in the day. I can barely find time for the wonderful works submitted by my close friends and critique group, the Four Horsemen of the Bookocalypse. If you are thirsty for writing feedback, I highly recommend forming your own critique group. There are countless blogs that go into detail about best practices for this, and social media is a great place to find fellow writers in your genre.

Q: I found a typo... Will you be offended if I email you about it?
A: Not at all! I very much appreciate being told if there is an error in one of my books. My editors and proofreaders are amazing, and you would not believe the things they find in my prose ("back hair" that should have been "black hair" and "breakfast bowels" that should have been "breakfast bowls" to name a few of my more embarrassing slip-ups) but they are human and my errors are plentiful. Please, do not include insults aimed at my team in your email. I will also note that I was born and raised in the US Midwest, so there is a slight chance that demographics are at play. Either way, feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from you.