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Haunted Properties 1

Magic & Mayhem Universe:
How to Sell a Haunted House


Being a magical runt in a notorious family of witches is a fate worse than death.

Margo West hardly has enough magic to fill a dustpan. So, when her gran passes away, leaving her temperamental broomstick to her most incompetent granddaughter, Margo takes off. After landing in a strange little town of Shifters in West Virginia, she decides to try her hand at real estate. Mild hearth magic might not have impressed the wicked West fam, but it does wonders for open houses. Her “parlor tricks” include shining windows, mopping floors, and vanishing dust with a twitchy blink of her eyes. Hey, wiggling your nose is hard!

Margo’s new life seems to be going well, until broody hunk Dylan Hernández solicits her to sell his childhood home before the bank forecloses on it. The creepy manor is plagued by ghosts, bats, and a greedy developer. It’s going to take a lot more than parlor tricks and mascara to get this job done, but with her reputation, commission, and a tentative romance on the line, Margo’s not about to throw in the broom just yet.

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