Blood Moon

Spero Heights Book One

She saves lives, but can he save her from herself?

Zelda Fulmen, a once powerful witch and doctor, lost everything in a tragic accident. She now lives a more humble life in the supernatural safe haven of Spero Heights, patching up werewolves and putting them to work in her pub, until a neighboring pack objects and begins a sabotage campaign against her.

Logan Chase had one job: keep an eye on the bleeding heart running the Crimson Moon. Her habit of collecting reject mutts from the city was a disaster waiting to happen, and the council needed a wolf on the inside. He never expected to fall for her, or to get mixed up with her misfit pack. When Zelda offers sanctuary to the wrong wolf and threatens the safety of Spero Heights, Logan is torn between the supernatural community he's sworn to protect and the woman and wolves that could be his.


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