Haunt Wrecker

Magic & Mayhem Universe: Haunted Properties Book Four

Rain, rain, go away. A little batling wants to play...

Newlyweds Margo and Dylan are ready for the next stops on the yellow brick road of life: flipping a foreclosure and having a baby. But after six months of trying, Margo's cave is still batless. To make matters worse, their fixer-upper is bleeding their bank account dry.

Margo grudgingly agrees to Dylan's suggestion that they rent out the house until they're able to sell it. But when their tenants turn out to be a gorgeous fruit bat Shifter that Dylan's late brother Drew dated while in Australia and their resulting love child, Margo feels as if her thunder has been stolen—literally.

As Dylan spends more and more time with the boy and his single mother, the mounting stress causes Margo to lose control of her sky cauldron powers, and soon Assjacket's sunny summer weather is overtaken by horrific storms.


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The Magic & Mayhem Universe is the brainchild of NYT & USAT bestselling author Robyn Peterman.
The collection includes over 100 novellas written by dozens of bestselling paranormal romance authors.

Switching Hour

by Robyn Peterman

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Released from the magic pokey and paroled with limited power is enough to make any witch grumpy. However, if you throw in a recently resurrected cat, a lime-green Kia and a sexy egotistical werewolf, it’s enough to make a gal fly off the edge.

Not to mention a mission…with no freaking directions.

So here I sit in Asscrack, West Virginia trying to figure out how to complete my mysterious mission before All Hallows Eve when I’ll get turned into a mortal. The animals in the area are convinced I’m the Shifter Whisperer (whatever the hell that is) and the hotter-than- asphalt-in-August werewolf thinks I’m his mate. Now apparently I’m slated to save a bunch of hairy freaks of nature?

If they think I’m the right witch for the job, they’ve swallowed some bad brew.

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