World Clock Journals

Omnibus of Books 1-3

Late Boston is a city held hostage by time.

It has been five years since inventor Ezra Huxley's wife mysteriously disappeared through a portal in the time machine he was building. When he finally gives up hope and uses the same technology to craft a perpetual motion clock in the Custom House Tower, everything goes horribly wrong—at his daughter’s wedding, no less.

Time is shattered, and the citizens in its wake suffer an hourly reminder of the day they lost their sanity. And their freedom. The city is on lockdown to prevent the spread of time sickness, and now the clock is ticking. If they cannot find a way to fix the broken time machine plaguing Late Boston, the governor is prepared to take matters into his own hands and declare them a casualty of the war raging across the Atlantic.

If you enjoy time travel romance, clockwork fantasy, and alternate history, this series is for you!


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